Non cooking guests

Non-cooking guests are welcome to join us for all non-cooking activities, including all trips, meals and wine-tastings. There is a wealth of activities to enjoy while the rest of us cook, including walking, horseriding or just lazing by the pool.

Privacy Policy

Organic Tuscany is committed to protecting your privacy.
We only use the information we collect about you to to provide you with our service.
Organic Tuscany does not rent, sell, or share personal information about you with others without your permission.

The farms

The hills all around are covered in vines and olive groves, and there are great walks to be taken. Horse-riding is another great way to see the surroundings. The countryside is dotted with charming hamlets to explore, and of course farms and vineyards to visit where you can buy delicious produce and wines. Organic and biodynamic farming has taken off spectacularly well in Tuscany: we take you to see the local farms where we buy the fresh ingredients for the dishes we make.

What’s included?

Our cooking classes are very hands-on. They are taught in English, but you will acquire a smattering of culinary Italian. Our local chefs will guide you through the preparation of simple but delicious Italian recipes (from Tuscany and from other Italian regions) and reveal some of their culinary secrets.

Groups are small (maximum 9 people), so that everyone gets a chance to try their hand at the techniques, from making fresh egg pasta dough to lovingly stirring an artichoke risotto to perfection. Rather than cooking a “usual” meal of first course, second course and dessert we teach you several dishes on each day, so that you go home with quite an extensive repertoire!

You are free to pick and choose whether you’d like to join in the cooking school activities on a particular day or not. If you fancy a day horse-riding, hot-air ballooning or just going to the beach, let us know and we’ll help you do just that.